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Private dental surgery - Dentimo


Private dental surgery DENTIMO
MDDr. David Mlynář
Bachmačská 3, Moravská Ostrava
tel.: 773 91 87 87

Hours of operation

MON-THU7 am - 12pm and 1 pm - 4pm
FRI7 am - 3 pm

We are accepting new patients

We are pleased to announce that we accept and new clients. We also accept most leading health insurance companies and treat both adults and children, for which we have prepared many surprises. Our goal is quality care for the whole family and we specialize in painless treatment, precision and human approach.

Provided care

  1. Aesthetic dentistry – white fillings, ceramic veneers , ceramic inlays and onlays, all-ceramic dental crowns
  2. Dental implants – a modern way of replacing a single tooth or all teeth
  3. Preventive dentistry – preventive examinations and dental hygiene
  4. Restorative dentistry – treatment of cavities and root canals
  5. Children's den­tistry – preventive examinations, rehabilitation of cavities in the baby and mixed dentition, brushing training, information for parents
  6. Prosthetic dentistry – crowns, bridges and teeth replacement
  7. Whitening – We offer the latest teeth whitening procedures
  8. Dental hygiene – uses a curette and ultrasound to remove tartar, or air-flow. This is practicing good oral hygiene.
  9. Dental jewelry – we work only with exclusive jewelry Swarovski
  10. Corrective dermatology – in collaboration with Eva Mlynářová MD (, we offer a treatment of visual skin defects – mainly correction of wrinkles, color changes and inequalities in its surface
  11. Collaborating with our own specialists in the fields of orthodontics, oral surgery, periodontics and implantology.

Dental office equipment

To provide quality and modern care, it is necessary to have appropriate instruments and material background. Therefore, we have put emphasis on modern high quality equipment and devices that not only allow us to reliably diagnose, but also provide a long-term and high quality cure of your problem. Immediately after you enjoy a little refreshment in our reception area, we will be happy to demonstrate the different instruments to you during the initial visit.

We will introduce you to

  • Digital X-Ray
  • Intraoral camera with video transmission on LCD screen
  • Apex locator – a simple electronic device to determine the length of root canals
  • Diagnodent – a laser device to detect an early stage of decay.
  • SilverMix – a device to mix materials – an electronic device intended for mixing capsuled materials
  • Endodontic engine and NiTi tools – high-tech tools to refine the processing of root canals
  • Air cleaner in the office and the waiting room – is for your comfort and safety
  • Hardening polymerization lamp – allows hardening of the material instantly

What to expect from your first visit

A dental assistant will welcome you to our office. Before entering the treatment area, you will be asked to fill out a simple form concerning your health issues. Immediately afterwards you will be introduced to Dr. David Mlynář and together you will go through the completed questionnaire. This will be followed by a professional dental examination of your teeth, gums and other soft tissues, taking X-Ray images and evaluation. The doctor will suggest a therapy with regard to your needs and wishes. At this point a price calculation will be estimated. If you agree, we will plan your next visit. We believe you will be able to tell a difference. Come and see for yourself – we will be happy to welcome you to our office!

The DENTIMO dental practice team


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